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Solidarity, Analysis, Action: how we fight the far right / NO PASARAN – The Trailer

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Published on: 10.03.2021

13 March 2021

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Over the last decade the rise of the far right has accelerated globally, in its biggest upsurge since the 1930s. It takes many different forms but it presents a real threat to our democracy and diverse communities wherever it is found. From street attacks and mobilisations to government office, they use Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism to spread hate and fear. They attack trade unionists and the left, and the rights and liberties of us all; the onslaught on women’s rights in particular has been a notable factor. For four years they received an enormous boost from the Trump White House, becoming increasingly internationalised, well-funded and well-organised. Trump’s defeat is a setback for the far right, but there is no doubt that Trumpism continues; its increasing paramilitary orientation, fake news and anti-fact approach presents an enormous challenge, particularly in the time of the pandemic. The far right has weaponised the pandemic in its own political interests, and the economic crisis that is running alongside the virus is being exploited by the far right to build its social and political base.
These are crucial issues for us to address: it’s urgent for us to analyse and get organised together to defeat the far right.

Please join us on March 13th for an online event, building towards our international No Pasaran Conference in Berlin, 2022.


Session one: (11.30am-1pm CET; 10.30am-12 noon GMT)


Moderation: Kate Hudson: peace movement activist and convener of the European Left’s Fighting the Far Right working group.

Heinz Bierbaum: President of the European Left, a sociologist and economist, and secretary of the trade union IG Metall from 1980 to 1996.

Beatriz Gomes Dias: Deputy of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for Bloco de Esquerda since 2019, member of the anti-racist association SOS Racismo and founder and director of Djass – Association of Afrodescendants.

Jean Wyllys: former MP from Brazil, award-winning journalist, researcher at the Open Society Foundation and visiting professor at the Afro-Latin American Research Institute at the Hutchins Center at Harvard University.

Urszula Kuczynska: a feminist activist and member of the Lewica Razem party, part of the left-wing parliamentary coalition in Poland.


Session two: (2pm-3.30pm CET; 1pm-2.30pm GMT)

Moderation: Fabian Figueredo: a sociologist, activist and member of the National Secretariat of Portugal’s Bloco de Esquerda. He researches far right movements and works with academics, journalists and activists in the struggle against fascism and racism.

Seema Syeda: a trade unionist and migrants’ rights activist in Britain, she is Regional Officer of Legal Sector Workers’ United, is involved in Another Europe Is Possible and Momentum, and has led campaigns against climate change and Brexit.

Alain Hayot: an anthropologist, coordinator of the culture commission of the Parti communiste français, and former vice-president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Christine Buchholz: MP of Die Linke, longstanding activist against racism and fascism, co-founder of Aufstehen Gegen Rassismus a campaign against the AfD.

Kostis Papaioannou: former general secretary of the Ministry of Justice and former head of the National Commission for Human Rights in Greece, an activist against the far right in Greece, who played an important role during the trial of Golden Dawn.

SOLIDARITY: Conclusions by Kate Hudson and Fabian Figueredo