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Socio-ecological revolution only way forward!

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Published on: 03.06.2022

June 5th marks the World Environment Day, calling for “collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet”. On the occasion, Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left, reiterates:

“The capitalist form of production and the lifestyle it promotes are not socially or environmentally sustainable. Years of competitive practices and austerity have harmed the world severely. We are currently experiencing massive economic, social, and political upheaval because of ecological concerns such as climate change. A sustainable society and economy will be vital to our long-term recovery and well-being during these challenging times.

We must significantly overhaul our economies and societies at a time when climate change threatens the planet’s existence. We advocate for a drastic policy shift, calling for a transition that necessitates a new industrial policy based on new energy and mobility principles. This new socio-ecological transformation, or Green New Deal, is at the center of our political approach because it contains an ecological revolution that also safeguards workers’ rights and those that are impacted by the transition.

We can only reach the highest standards for our people and the world through a Left Green New Deal that integrates ecological and social concerns. The only way forward is for a socio-ecological revolution to occur in tandem with worker rights and to protect those who are affected by the process.”