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Sira Rego Candidate for the Left- European Parliament’s Presidency

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Published on: 10.12.2021

The Left in the European Parliament has nominated Sira Rego as a candidate for the midterm elections, which are planned for January 2022.

Heinz Bierbaum takes the opportunity to express his support for her candidacy:

“We wish to express our allegiance and support to Sira Rego for the midterm elections of the European Parliament. We are certain that she will rise to the occasion, which comes indeed at a time where the ecological and social challenges, teamed with the rise of the far-right are more pressing than ever. We wish her the best of electoral success”

Her proposal will focus on three key axes: the eco-social crisis, the assault on human rights waged by ultra-governments like Poland’s and Hungary’s, and the necessity to start an ecosocial accord that would allow us to exit the EU’s numerous difficulties.

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