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Red-Green Alliance wins local elections

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Published on: 18.11.2021

On Tuesday, Denmark held its local and regional elections. The results delivered a defeat for the ruling Social Democrats and the far-right and significant victories for the left. The Red-Green Alliance received 7,3% of the national votes, marking an unprecedented victory. Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left, said:

“We wish to take this opportunity to express our congratulations to the Red-Green Alliance for breaking the record with 24,7% of the vote in Copenhagen. It is a significant victory, given that it brings an end to nearly a century of social democrat ruling and cements its place as the largest party in Copenhagen. The other communes and the island of Bornholm are significant victories, depicting the broad popularity of the party.

We celebrate and welcome this win as an illustration of the potential the left can live up to across Europe. We are certain that the Red-Green Alliance will not only fulfill but exceed the demands these wins come with”.