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Published on: 15.05.2021

As Palestinian protestors in East Jerusalem fight for their rights to their homes and land, and Israel threatens invasion in Gaza, we are also on the eve on the Nakba on 15 May, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homes and land in Palestine by Zionist forces.

On this occasion the European Left wishes to reaffirm our support of and solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemn the continuing Israeli annexations and colonization of the West Bank, since 1948, and violating international law. This is an unending Al Nakba.

The European Left supports a total Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories in keeping with UN resolutions. We reiterate our support for a just peace based on the UN resolutions with a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with east Jerusalem as its capital and with the return of the Palestinian refugees. 

We call on the international community, EU institutions and member states to reject Israeli expansionism. This is an overruling of the rights of the Palestinian people, their right to self-determination, to their land and their rights as human beings.

The EU must suspend its Association Agreement with Israel – including a preferential trade agreement – as long as Israel violates international law. We call for a strengthening of the banning of goods from the Israeli settlements. We call for a just peace based on the recognition of the Palestinian state by the EU member states – and by as many countries and institutions as possible”.