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ODP's statement on the attack on Syria

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Published on: 10.10.2019

The people of Syria should be the ones who decide the future of Syria

Turkey’s military operation launched yesterday will be a new ring of false policies that have been resulted in disasters followed in Syria.

All forces intervening in Syria, including Turkey, who are also emphasizing the territorial integrity of Syria, are now making a move to break the territorial integrity for the excuse of a ‘safe zone’.

The settlement to be established in the area will clearly make this fragmentation permanent.

The cost of the military mobilization would be heavy for the whole society, given the circumstances in which the economic crisis is already deepening. On the other hand, while Turkey controls the jihadist gangs, especially those ISIS killers, it is also fulfilling its mission as a buffer for the US government and EU. This war will continue to uncover risks, which are difficult to predict in advance, for Turkey’s future.

The ‘solution’ in Syria should not be sought out of the dirty games of the US government, who is now conducting with giving Turkey a green light to invade Syria. With provoking the civil war in the direction of breaking down Syria, The US government has not given up its goal of breaking down the country and changing its borders.

The US government uses both Kurds and Turkey as part of its purpose in the region. Sometimes as an alliance and sometimes as in the conflict, he is trying to control both powers.

The solution in Syria can only be solved in the axis of democracy, freedom and independence which will be a joint decision of all Syrians in Syria’s unity.

This will be the only road that both makes Turkey safe and to end the conflict between the peoples of the region.