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Not Me but Us!

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Published on: 09.04.2020

Bernie Sanders has told his supporters and the American people that he would suspend his presidential campaign. With this step he reacted to the lead of Joe Biden with more than 300 delegates in the Democratic Convention as well as to the unprecedented situation of his country is facing at the moment. He thanked his supporters for creating an “unprecedented grass roots political campaign that has had a profound impact in changing our nation.” And he stressed that “While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not.”

These are not good news, indeed! But for the second presidential campaign in a row, Bernie Sanders was a real game changer by putting essential issues on the agenda, health care, education, ecological conversion, equality and justice! Not only on a national level but international as well. He showed his compatriots, he showed the world what kind of country he had in mind to create. For the millions of people in the US who experience in this terrible pandemics what it means to be poor, without health care, social security and without the benefits of proper public services , Bernie has been and will be a symbol of hope. His consequence, his dedication to the common people filled millions of us with hope, not only in the United States but the world over. People have followed and will follow his call to stand up for justice, for democracy and equality, he has given the concept of democratic socialism a voice right in the very heart of neoliberal capitalism. He has given all of us a motto: Not me, Us!

His ceaseless fight for Medicare for all will be going on, with more determination than ever, his strategy for an ecological and social transformation of society will be pursued more vigorously than ever and his call for universal justice is taken up stronger than ever!

On behalf of the European Left Party I want to reassure Senator Sanders: We stand by you, we are ready to fight at your side! We are ready and willing to continue the efforts for the necessary global changes right now together with the progressive forces of the USA! We are ready and willing to respond to this global health and systemic crisis by cooperating globally for public health and public services, social and climate justice and democracy.

Heinz Bierbaum
EL President