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No to racism and right-wing terror

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Published on: 20.02.2020

A man murdered nine people in a shisha bar and kiosk in a German town Hanau. Short after, the police found two more dead in an apartment: the perpetrator, who left a racist confession letter, and his mother. In response to this situation the President of the European Left, Heinz Bierbaum, comments:

“A German Nazi decides to commit a murder in the name of a ‘racial war’. Heavily armed he chooses two shisha bars to cause a massacre. Shisha bars are hate objects for all racists in the country, since they symbolize the “invasion of foreign cultures on Europe” by immigrants and the spread of alleged ‘clan criminality’. The racist terror in Hanau shows us again how quickly words can be turned into actions. Acts like this are not an accident – they are fueled by right-wing propaganda. We all have a duty to those who are now afraid of further racist attacks. We have to make it clear: you are not alone; we stand on your side! We have to ensure a political pressure that leads to drastic consequences.

On behalf of European Left and myself, I would like to express a clear contempt of this right wing terror attack. Our thoughts are with the victims, injured, their families and all other people who face systematically racist violence.“