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NO PASARAN ! Stop the far right: Building the Alternative

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Published on: 16.03.2022

On the occasion of the campaign for the International Day against Racism the Party of the European Left, DIE LINKE and the think-tank transforme!Europe is glad to announce the upcoming conference >>NO PASARAN. Stop the far right: Building the Alternative<< which will take place on Saturday, March 19, in Berlin.

Heinz Bierbaum, the President of the European Left, invites cordialy everyone intrested, and comments:

“NO PASARAN is a conference for the political parties of the left, trade unions and activists to come together, get to know our struggles, and strengthen the antifascist movement. We’ll exchange ideas, analyse the current situation and talk about perspectives and possibilities of how we can and will react to the threats that are posed by the far right all over the world and particularly in Europe. The war in Ukraine has created a new situation, altering the political balance in Europe and accelerating its militarisation, which will have a profoundly negative impact on our societies. The far right will further develop in this new context, feeding off the nationalism generated by warmongers on all sides and glorifying militarism, exploiting the refugee crisis, and stoking racism and xenophobia.
We struggle together against any form of group-related heate crimes, against the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms, against social cuts and impoverishment. To challange this we need to build coalitions of anti-fascists, unionists, and community organizations who can stymie the far right’s rise and stand together against the threats and for a peaceful, fair, and solidary world.”

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