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Nicaragua needs Peace!

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Published on: 04.06.2018

Given the serious events taken place in Nicaragua and the violence carried out by various sectors, the Working Group for Latin America of the Party of the European Left (EL) urges the Nicaraguans to reach an agreement soon in the Dialogue Table so that the violence ceases and the democracy of the country gains strength without breaking the constitutional continuity.

EL calls on the parties to reach this agreement for peace as soon as possible in order to avoid a building up of the conflict, a situation where the only victim would be the Nicaraguan people. Every day that passes is being exploited by sectors of the internal and international opposition that seeks to plunge the country into chaos and in a conflict even more serious.

EL also calls on the Nicaraguan authorities to condemn and prosecute the violent civil sectors wherever they come from, as well as those responsible for abuses and excesses in the police forces. At the same time, it seems important to us that there be tolerance towards the plurality of thought, as it has always been in the history of Sandinismo.

EL also asks the protesters -that, without any doubt, can be legitimate-  to clearly step aside from violent individuals and groups and resolve possible differences with dialogue and never with violence.

EL rejects the interference of the United States, which, as always, add fuel to the fire in countries whose governments do not follow its guidelines, using the tactics of a “soft coup” that we have already seen in other countries of the continent.

EL regrets and denounces the bias of the international media in the intentionally distorted coverage they make of the conflict in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua needs Peace!