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Message of Solidarity with the Lebanese people

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Published on: 05.08.2020

The Party of the European Left expresses its most sincere condolences to the Lebanese people and to the CP of Libanon, as Beirut is hit by a huge explosion in the harbour yesterday on 4 August with hundreds of dead and wounded. 

We express our solidarity with the victims and their families of this huge disaster.

On the background of an already dire situation in Lebanon with extensive poverty, months of the spread of COVID-19, and a break-down of state responsibilities the explosion is a catastrophe for Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Since last autumn a huge democratic movement of youth and women have been protesting against the corruption and ill-management of the government, and the failing Lebanese economy. We declare our ongoing support of this movement.

The Party of the European Left urges solidarity and assistance by the EU and the European governments to help the Lebanese people with medical and social aid in this situation.
We call for a swift and transparent investigation to find the true cause of the explosion and to determine who are responsible.

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left

Maite Mola, Vice President in charge of International Relations

Inger Johansen, Coordinator on the Middle East Working group