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Macron is everything else than Progressive!

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Published on: 05.03.2019

The President of the European Left Gregor Gysi on the declaration of Emmanuel Macron:

Following on from his Sorbonne Speech of 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron once again tries to portray himself as a visionary for Europe and calls for a new beginning and reforms for Europe in a declaration. He speaks clearly and rightly against the nationalists, but his demands lead to more foreclosure, militarization and¬†surveillance. His political demands are everything else than progressive. As a visionary, he sees in the establishment of a particular protected external border a “freedom in security”.

Borders – especially specially protected borders – regularly lead to the opposite, to a restriction of freedom. Macron tries in the fight against the nationalists to accommodate them in content. He hopes for votes from this side. I think that is a misjudgment. You have to convince the people who vote for nationalists from the opposite, not to accommodate them. Macron’s demands for ‘borders, surveillance and militarization’ do not save the EU, on the contrary.