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Leftist Island Festival !

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Published on: 04.09.2020

5th September Saturday

Climate change, poverty and coronavirus

(with simultaneous translation)

The 21st century has put humanity at crossroads. The neoliberal capitalist order has gone bankrupt. We continue to drive on the tried and tested path, with advanced and even more advanced techniques and technologies, while our history and civilization come to an end, we open the social gap even wider, we threaten, we conquer, we wage wars, and then we fall into the abyss … or we learn from the warning of the coronavirus and get acquainted with the world of moderation.

In the current situation, climate change, poverty, oppression and inhumanity occupy a prominent place in these multidimensional crises. The situation is particularly worrying in some micro-regions, in the case of empoverished millions as a result of deindustrialization. Our all-day theme explores the roots of these problems and makes suggestions for improving the social situation. The program is organized by the Roma Parliament, the Social Round Table, the Hungarian Workers Party 2006 and the Organizers for the Left (SZAB).

11:15–12:15 Interrelations of discrimination, exclusion, climate change and pandenic

Facilitator: György Droppa, SZAB-activist.

Speakers: Aladár Horváth, ex MP, Chair of Roma Parliament, Violeta Tomic, Slovenian MP, Yanis Varoufakis, Economist, ex-MP and ex-Finance Minister, founder of DiEM25, Tamás András Szegedi, Actor-Director.

Questions and comments in 30 minutes

12:15-13:15 Lunch break

13:15 – 14:30 Green New Deal for Europe (New Green Turn in Europe)

Facilitator: V. Márta Naszályi, Mayor of 1st district of Budapest, Dialogue Party (Párbeszéd)

Speakers: Yanis Varoufakis, Economist, ex-MP and ex-Finance Minister, founder of DiEM25, Violeta Tomic, Slovenian MP, Zoltán Pogátsa, Economist, Sociologist, Associate Professor, West Hungarian University, Founder of newspaper Új Egyenlőség (New Equality), Alexandra Köves, ecological economist, Corvinus University

6th September Sunday

The Far right only brought trouble to Europe

9.00–10.30 Situation report

Facilitators: Vera Zalka, SZAB activist, Irina Leskova, Peace activist

Speakers: Maite Mola, Vice-President of the Party of the European Left (PEL), Vincent Boulet, Vice-Mayor of 13th district of Paris, Member of PEL, Valentina Skafar, Member of Levica, MEP Assistant, Sándor Szőke, Vice-Chair of Roma Parliament, István Kopcsik, Vice -Chair of Association of History Teachers, expert of the Roma Parliament, Vyacheslav Azarov, ex mayor candidate of Odessa, Vilmos Hanti, President of FIR and MEASZ, Ferenc Donáth, Chair of the Imre Nagy Society, Attila Vajnai, Chair of the Hungarian Workers Party 2006, Sándor Székely, MP.

11.40-12.40 Prison for politics

Facilitator: Zsolt Császy, lawyer, former university lecturer and political convict.

Speakers: Algirdas Paleckis, Lithuanian politician, founder of the socialist Frontas Party, Attila Vajnai, Chair of the European Left – Hungarian Workers Party 2006.

Epidemic precautions

The Regatta Leisure Center has particularly favorable facilities, e.g. six conference rooms are available so we can scatter the events of the program. Larger rooms can be opened from two to three sides, so there is good ventilation.
Participants can sit at least 1.5 meters apart from each other. This also applies to those sitting on the lecture podium. We also place the loudspeakers and microphones according to the distancing rules. We offer our guests over the age of 65 the opportunity to sit separately.

Hygiene rules are strictly observed. Manual disinfectants are placed at the entrance to each room. Only one person can stay in the interpreting booths at a time, thus protecting the health of the interpreters.
The Regatta Leisure Center has huge open-air free areas, so we can also hold outdoor activities. The banks of the Danube are sloping, so participants can be seated stepwise, as in the theater. Outside the building tables and chairs can be placed at a suitable distance from each other.

Venue: Regatta Leisure Center – Parti str. 16., Horány/about 25 kms North of Budapest


By Intercity bus: from Ujpest City Gate via Dunakeszi until the Horány ferry (20 minutes) to the island. From the ferry stop to the leisure center is about 10 minutes walk.

By car: from Dunakeszi by ferry or from the direction of Szentendre via the Tahi bridge you can reach the Szentendre Island (via Leányfalu, Tahitótfalu and Szigetmonostor).

Contact persons: General info from Gyuri Droppa (English and Potugese), Matyas Benyik (English, French, Spanish), Klara Anyiszonyan (Russian)