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Italy’s Liberation Day: “E questo è il fiore del partigiano…morto per la libertà!”

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Published on: 25.04.2020

On behalf of the European Left Party, Heinz Bierbaum comments on the anniversary of Italy’s Liberation:

“April 25th marks the anniversary of liberation of Italy from fascism and the German occupation. It is a national Italian holiday commemorating the the fall of Mussolini, the end of Nazi occupation during World War II, and the victory of the Resistance in Italy. On behalf of the European Left Party we pay tribute to the antifascist struggle of the Italian People.

Today’s far right is gaining on strength. If it continuously keeps growing and attaining more power, it will employ the consistent ideology and clear goals of traditional fascism. Anti-fascist preaching is a necessary response to fascism and proto-fascism, in the age of Trump, Bolsonaro, Salvini or Le Pen. That’s the danger the Left has to combat today. Regarding feasible strategies against far right, we need unite in our struggles across borders and face the problem as a united front, since it starts to become a global issue.”​

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