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In solidarity with our Belarusian comrade Yanina

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Published on: 14.10.2020

During the last weekend of protests in Belarus, among others, the board member of our partner party “Fair World”, Yanina Huzouskaya, have been detained. In the meantime, Yanina has been released. We stand in solidarity with our member party and we ask for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

We observe the events in Belarus with great concern regarding the future development of the country. We see police returned to violently repressing protester and use disproportionate use of force by against peaceful citizens, and arresting dozens of them.

We firmly recall our position and strongly condemn in the strongest possible terms the mass arrests and the use of violence. We oppose any attempt of external intervention as well as the sanctions the EU has threatened the country with. These measures will not promote the necessary democratic process but instead prevent it. We ask for a peaceful solution to the conflict paving the way for democratic self-determination, to the respect of the human rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left