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Hope for Brazil

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Published on: 03.10.2022

Lula’s victory in the first round of Brazil’s elections is a sign of hope not only for Brazil, but also for Latin America and internationally. With Lula, Brazil could return to democracy and to a more social and just society. Above all, it’s a hope for the poor, who suffer most from Bolsonaro’s policies, and a chance to end the devastating destruction of the rainforest in the Amazon.

Unfortunately, Lula did not get the absolute majority in the first round and the gap to Bolsonaro wasn’t that big: the next 4 weeks will be extremely important to ensuring Lula’s victory, which will be in the interest of the whole world. The choice will be between authoritarianism and democracy, between dark times ahead and the hope for a better future.
The EL strongly supports Lula and the progressive forces in their campaign to win the second round at the end of October. International solidarity with Lula is more necessary than ever.

Heinz Bierbaum- President of the European Left