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Gregor Gysi on Latin America – Meeting with Rafael Correa

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Published on: 27.01.2019

On January 26, 2019, the former President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, spoke to the Executive Committee of the European Left.
He pointed out that there is currently a conservative shift in Latin America – co-organized and supported by the US. The allegations against the former Brazilian President Lula and him were constructed and wrong. The rule of law and democracy would be seriously injured. The aim is to stop people like Lula and him from being able to run again, because the Conservatives would know that both of them would almost certainly win the elections.
If Lula and he had committed such violations of the rule of law and democracy, there would be serious protests from the EU and other national states. But now they were silent.
In Venezuela, change is now being organized by the US and others. But not against the anti-democratic and self-proclaimed interim presidency, but against the democratically legitimated president the US and main European states take position.
The President of the European Left Gregor Gysi expressed his appal that the conservative violation to the rule of law and also undemocratic turnaround in Venezuela is supported not only by the Union, but also by the Social Democratic Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas at the behest of the Bildzeitung. How far does the SPD want to go with the distortion of its original values? He asked.