Social Counter Summit ( Porto )

06 May 2021

In the context of the Social Summit, to take place in Porto (Portugal) organised under the aegis of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council the forthcoming 7th and 8th may, Bloco de Esquerda, other left political forces, trade unions and social movements are calling for several counter-events.

On the 7th, a Social Counter Summit will take place. Among speakers, the President of the EL Heinz Bierbaum will give an opening and closing speech:

“The official Social Summit in Porto- addressing the Pillar of Social Rights- takes place whilst Europe is ridden by an economic and social crisis. As of today, the Pillar of Social Rights and its Action Plan do not consist of a binding declaration. Existing inequalities have been exacerbated during the pandemic, which has affected the weakest and most vulnerable. Those increasing disparities are not fully targeted and must be addressed. The upcoming Social Counter-Summit in Porto – promoted by Bloco de Esquerda under the motto “Eradicate Poverty, Fight Precariousness, Ensure Full Employment” – is an opportunity to pave the path for strong future actions. We have to work together to debunk any solution that cannot concretely guarantee high working conditions and ensure better incomes, better jobs and new investments in the public services. A real social-ecological transformation is needed, via a green industry and protection of the workers. Together we can push for a shift of paradigm toward a social Europe, aiming for a real step forward in the fight against injustice, poverty and exclusion.”

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left

More info about the event here.
This Social Counter Summit will be broadcasted live at website and Facebook.