Expanding Democratic Control: Employment, Energy and Environment

07 November 2021 2:00 pm

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Organised for COP26 by Democratic Left Scotland in partnership with the Party of the European Left.


Venue: Marine Skills Centre, Riverside Campus – Glasgow College, in the framework of the People’s Summit for Climate Justice, COP26 Coalition.

Sean Sweeney Trade Unions for Energy Democracy

Katie Gallogly-Swan Policy Co-ordinator Global Green New Deal

Ulrike Eifler German Trade Unionist
Stuart Fairweather Democratic Left Scotland

Introduction by Heinz Bierbaum, Party of the European Left

Communities, organizations, workers, trade unions and countries all around the world are in-creasingly recognizing that renewable energy offers more than environmental benefits like clean electricity, pollution reductions, and climate mitigation: it can trigger deep, societal changes and achieve a more equitable social balance through a fairer redistribution of jobs, wealth, health and political power.

The seminar aim is, then, to explore the potential of the so-called Energy Democracy, in stark contrast with the disparities, vulnerabilities and widespread injustices that the fossil-fuel-based energy has caused to communities around the world, while massively increasing the profits of large multinational energy companies.

The seminar is aimed at highlighting the urgent need for bold, informed action to reclaim democratic control of energy resources as well as the strong link between the energy system change and the transformation toward a more socially just and equal society.

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