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European Left: Summary General Assembly

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Published on: 01.10.2018

At the General Assembly of the Party of the European Left on 30 September 2018 in Brussels, decisions were made in preparation for the 2019 European elections. The election platform, which was created in a working group, has been declared as a working basis. Amendments and additions may be tabled by the member parties until 16 November 2018. The same applies to proposals on candidates for the European Left on the European elections (President of the European Commission). It was confirmed that there could also be proposals for personalities outside the European Left.

In the Political Secretariat on 1 December 2018 in Berlin and in the Executive Board meeting on 26-27 January 2019 the results will be discussed and decided.

The General Assembly adopted a statement on Bernie Sanders’ call for cooperation between international progressive forces. The European Left supports this call.

The General Assembly also declared its solidarity with the left in Brazil, with the left-wing presidential candidate Fernando Haddad and vice-presidential candidate Manuela D`Avila. It has expressed its solidarity with the former President Lula da Silva. The President of the European Left will visit Lula da Silva in prison.

The General Assembly agreed that an energetic fight must be waged against the growth of right-wing populism and right-wing extremism, against undemocratic and anti-social neoliberalism. At the same time, the European Left is fighting for peace, social justice, equal opportunities in access to education, arts and culture, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and international solidarity.