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European Left on Yellow-Vests

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Published on: 04.02.2019

As Party of the European Left, we have observed developments in France with deep concern. The austerity measures and social cuts introduced by Emmanuel Macron, who is strictly leading policy to serve the interests of leading classes with authoritarian methods.

As a result of his austerity measures, which hit mainly the majority of the working population in France and not the wealthy, since November 2018 the yellow vests protest. In solidarity, we stand by the side of those yellow-vests who demonstrate non-violently for fiscal justice, for improving living standards and wages and for democracy. We condemn violence by police officers, especially the use of so-called Flashballs.

As the party of the European Left we will fight for a real improvement of workers’ rights and social rights and therefore we propose another way, i.e., building Europe on a new solidarity basis where people sovereignty should be respected. We are fighting to terminate austerity policies. Instead, we wish to forge an alternative economic and social policy being able to create jobs redistribute wealth and cover all social needs. Our goal is to renew hope: a new ambition for cooperation and solidarity at the European level in the service of our peoples and the peoples of the world.