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Ending the ongoing Nakba! The European Left against any further Israeli annexations of Palestinian land.

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Published on: 15.05.2020

The annexation of the Jordan Valley and part of the West Bank to Israel is violating international law. We are concerned about the future of the Palestinian people and we consider it as a provocative act that the Trump administration moved on the eve of the anniversary of the Nakba, and the transfer of the US embassy to West Jerusalem.

On the day of the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homes and land in Palestine by Zionist forces, the European Left wishes to reaffirm our support of and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The European Left denounces US President Trump’s “deal of the century”, and its legitimization and support of further Israeli annexations of Palestinian land, among them the Jordan valley, aiming to move towards the creation of a greater Jewish Israel with a Palestinian Bantustan.

This is an overuling of the rights of the Palestinian people, their rights to self-determination, to their own state and their rights as human beings.

On the eve of Nakba day, just before a new Israeli coalition government is formally set up, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Israel, reiterating US support of Israeli annexations of the Palestinian territories.

The European Left supports a total Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories in keeping with UN resolutions. We reiterate our support for a just peace based on the UN resolutions with a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with east Jerusalem as its capital and with the return of the Palestinian refugees.

In this situation of blatant US legimization of Israeli expansionism, we urge the EU and EU Member States to increase their political pressure on the Israeli government and to reject US support of Israeli expansionism.

We call for a strengthening of the banning of goods from the Israeli settlements. We call for the recognition of the Palestinian state by the EU member states – and by as many countries and institutions as possible”.