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End of Trump presidency. Not progress, but a rational choice made in favour of democracy

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Published on: 08.11.2020

Joe Biden became President of the United States as the highest-voted President in the history of this country.

We congratulate all the forces that have worked to bring the era of the Trump administration to an end. It’s a piece of news that we all wanted to hear. We want to congratulate all the organizations, from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to the Black Lives Matter movement, from the trade unions to environmentalists, multiracial activists and party activists, and simple men and women who have worked to ensure the high turnout and to bring an end to this fascist shamelessness, fighting against widespread racism and white supremacy, openly backed by the Trump administration.

There is an open debt to settle: for their tireless support in the democratic electoral campaign, for voting for Biden knowing that Biden has never been their candidate. Joe Biden is without any doubt a confirmed neoliberal, deeply rooted in the capitalist system, and backed by big capital and wall street. But, he is committed to respecting the democratic institutions and the constitution of the United States, both gravely endangered by his predecessor.

Now it is the time to fight for an efficient response to the pandemic, for more respect and compassion for people suffering the dire consequences, and for a serious dialogue with BLM and other anti-racist democratic movements.

All the methods and policies implemented by people like the former President of the United States hurt citizens’ lives, workers’ lives, and democracy, poisoning politics. The Democrats have reacquired key states (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania). Three states of industrial and working-class tradition won by Trump four years ago. But be careful, it is too early to say that racist and suprematist ideas have been defeated: Trump was highly supported in the elections and his voter base has increased. Moreover, we have no illusions in the Biden – Harris administration: will be necessary to fight for every single step forward! Every little progress for working people will be the result of their own struggles and dedication.

For the US American Left forces, times are not getting easier, but there are better bases to fight for more justice, for more social progress, for more investment in the public sector and for a dramatic change in climate and environmental politics. President-elect Joe Biden has already declared his willingness to bring the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement. This represents an absolute necessity that also relates to the peace and disarmament treaties, which Trump chose to drop or ignore.

The road to bringing politics back to its role will be tough, but the activism of trade unions, women’s organisations and all kinds of civil society and grassroots organisations brings hope in the darkest times.

Now it is time to protect the decision of a great majority of American people, first of all from any attempts baked by the former administration to question their choice, rationally made in favour of democracy.

For the times that will come, we wish our transatlantic friends and comrades every success and we promise: The European Left Party will stand by your side.

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left