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EL President to moderate conference session on Trade unions and Gig economy

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Published on: 28.05.2021

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left, will moderate the discussion “Trade unions and the gig economy-platform work in a changing Europe”. The session is part of the “Shaping our future fights – from Amazon to platforms” conference of The Left and Trade Unionist Network Europe (TUNE), which focuses on the consequences of non-standard work to working conditions and aims to bring forth ways to respond to the current situation.

“Platform workers are among those workers today doubly threatened since they are dramatically exposed to loss of income and to unhealthy and unsafe work conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic the existing discrepancies concerning employment within the European Union have been exacerbated, and that has happened after years of unfair and unbalanced taxation in favour of capital income, which have materially weakened the right of all workers to work and live in proper, safe, and healthy conditions.

The conference is a fruitful ground for exchange of ideas serving the same purposes: working together to stop the deterioration of employment conditions, fighting together for a shift of paradigm towards a social Europe and to debunk any circumstance that prevents the highest possible working conditions, better incomes and jobs.”