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EL President partakes in Trade Union Summit; Implementing the EPSR action plan

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Published on: 06.05.2021

“The Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the need for strong, fair and sustainable societies and economies.

The EL supports the “Stand up for the Social Pillar” campaign of ETUC. During these unprecedented times, the Pillar of Social Rights must live up to the increasing need for recovery. In order to do so it has to be transformed into binding social rights in the form of a “Social Protocol”, as part of the European Treaties.

We need to make sure that better income for all workers, better jobs and new investments in the public services are actualised in the immediate future. Against the backdrop of the economic and production losses caused by ecological challenges like climate change, we fight for a green industry and for a socio-ecological transformation which goes hand in hand with the expansion of workers rights.

We look forward to the “Trade Union Summit; Implementing the EPSR action plan: a shared commitment” with a strong conviction it will be a step forward in the battle for a just social Europe, since it aims at better social protection of all European workers who are often disempowered.”

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left