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EL calls for deescallation between NATO and Russia

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Published on: 20.09.2018
The Working Group on Peace of the Party of the European Left is deeply concerned about the situation in the Baltics after a Spanish Eurofighter/Typhoon “accidentally” fired an AMRAAM missile, that might have reached Russian territory. The Eurofighter was part of the NATO air policing over the Baltics.
We are shocked that a Eurofighter ‘accidentally’ fired an air-to-air missile that carried deadly explosives on the highly sensitive NATO border.
The incident in the Baltic airspace shows once again how dangerous the NATO presence on the border with Russia can be. Also, given that many other war planes from other NATO countries are repeatedly part of the air policing over the Baltic States, we call for a comprehensive investigation of the incident. Apparently, such incidents could continue to happen in future because of the “human factor” when the wrong decision or act could be performed by the military accidently. To secure the population of the European Union we are calling the NATO to reconsider their plans to expand towards the borders of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and Georgia and other East-European countries. What is needed now are confidence-building measures with Russia, a withdrawal of Eurofighters from the Baltic States and, as a first step, an end to the armed patrol flights. ”