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Earth overshoot day

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Published on: 28.07.2022

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. This year’s Earth Overshoot Day is as early in the year as it was before the pandemic which shows humanity is exhausting nature’s renewable resources at a faster rate again. Heinz Bierbaum, the President of the European Left, comments:

“ While Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has fueled widespread misery, death and destruction, less understood are the far-reaching impacts on the climate. The Ukraine war, as any military activity, also poses an indirect threat to global climate goals due to extensive amounts of greenhouse gases. To tackle the climat crisis we need a new policy of detente. Stopping the war immediately is not only necessary for humanitarian reasons, but also to tackle the climate crisis. Commitment to peace and disarmament is more necessary than ever.

“A drastic shift is necessary and a social and ecological transformation is an answer to the requirement and is a key component of the European Left’s strategy. This is only possible with firm specifications for the industry and with investments in public and climate-friendly infrastructure, such as the expansion of the railways. Instead of supporting climate-damaging industries with tax money, the funds must flow into environmentally friendly jobs.”