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Christian-Marxist Dialogue

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Published on: 03.11.2022

Christian-Marxist Dialogue – DIALOP transversal dialogue project to be presented at the European Parliament on November 8th 2022 from 17.00 to 19.00.

A Think Tank for a Transversal Social Ethics

Christians and Marxists have been dialoguing with each other In the framework of DIALOP transversal dialogue project. The initiative dates from Pope Francis’s private audience with representatives of both currents at which the Pope proposed that work begin on a transversal ethic of peace and social justice.

There is now a position paper with the title ‘In Search of a Common Future’ developed and signed by well-known Christian and Marxist intellectuals.

In the introduction, the authors point out that the war begun by the Russian Federation in violation of international law makes evident the fragility of our civilisation. It asks for a ceasefire, solidarity with the victims, the withdrawal of the troops of the Russian Federation and the initiation of honest negotiations. Since the publication of this call the necessity of dialogue across political boundaries and world outlooks seems ever more urgent.

There are many obstacles that the dialogue between Christians and Marxists must overcome. The authors of the position paper review the long history of enmity and misunderstandings between the two outlooks. At the same time there are differences of opinion that ought neither to be passed over in silence nor to impede dialogue. On the one side the pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and on the other side the tendencies to innovation within the Marxist-inspired left, but also especially the crises and dangers that now exist in the world, have created a new situation. Under the heading ‘only together can we be saved’ the possible points of convergences are named in the form of an appeal
• against exploitation and the destruction of our most important heritage, nature;
• against an economy that kills;
• against a politics that produces hatred;
• against a culture that turns people into egoistic consumers.

DIALOP is a cultural-educational think tank that is in the making and is dedicated to a transversal social ethics.

The Dialop project will be presented on 8th November 2022 at the European Parliament under the sponsorship of THE LEFT in the European Parliament.

Marisa Matias (Vice President of the Left in the European Parliament), Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto (General Secretary of COMECE), Walter Baier (transform!europe), Mons. Piero Coda (Secretary General of the Pontifical International Theological Commission – via zoom), Luisa Sello (Dialop), the two authors of the position paper: Prof. Michael Brie (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Berlin) and Prof. Bernhard Callebaut (Sophia University Institute, Loppiano- Florence), Cornelia Hildebrandt (Co-President of transform!europe, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Berlin), Chiara Galbersanini (University Bicocca Milan and IUS Florence ), and José Manuel Pureza (Coimbra University, former MP and Vice President of the Portuguese Parliament)

Place: European Parliament, 1047 Brussels. Altiero Spinelli Building, Place de Luxembourg

Time: November 8th 2022, 17.00 to 19.00. Please be in front of the building at 16.30.

In compliance with the safety requirements of the European Parliament registration please send: your family name and first name, date of birth, nationality, type of ID-document, Nr. of ID-document to the following email address

The live-streaming link will be found on before start.