Towards democratic schooling for critical thinking

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Today, the markets are heavily imposing on schools their expectations about the characteristics of workers and citizens future generations.

Assessment can be the common denominator linking every school system and that allows to catch the educational system modalities in its intention to train the youth to become flexible, competitive persons, unable to take decision, i.e. adapted to the neoliberalism’s laws.
Assessment as such is not disputed. On the contrary, assessment and self-evaluation are necessary for the persons’ growth.

The book’s objective is to reflect – using political and theoretical approaches – on standardised tests as mean to evaluate students. It is also to make alternative proposals to get rid of the unique model yoke and to create a dynamic, integrative and creative school.

The wish is that this book can be useful and shared by all those involved in changing the state of the matter and above all contribute to the debate on the role of education in today’s and tomorrow’s society.


Towards democratic schooling for critical thinking: another assessment is possible