European Left Congress

Heinz Bierbaum (Die Linke) elected President of the European Left Party

Perspectives from the Mediterranean Left

The nature of the conflict in the Mediterranean countries and its consequences and challenges.

Brussels European Forum

Find here all the information on the third European Forum, held in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th of…

Towards democratic schooling for critical thinking

Are standardised tests a useful mean to evaluate students?

Two Candidates from the people for the people

With these two candidates, we want to make a clear offer to the people of Europe, because we are on…

Right to Energy!

At once it's dark, the fridge does not work anymore, only cold water comes out of the shower. No electricity…

European Left attend the European Forum in Bilbao

From 9. - 11. In November 2018, the European Forum for Progressive, Environmental and Left Forces took place in Bilbao.…

A Democratic School That Helps to Think – Another evaluation is possible

We come of age and become citizens through the education and relationships we weave within the family, society and at…