EL Congress, 9-11 December 2022

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The EL Congress was held in Vienna, from the 9th until the 11th of December 2022.


We demand a radical change in European policies. A sustainable ecological and social development cannot be achieved within capitalist structures. We stand for:

1. A comprehensive social and ecological transformation
2. Economic democracy and new rights for the workers and employees
3. Housing and energy are not market commodities but common goods
4. Decent working conditions and wages you can live on
5. Expansion and improvement of public services in healthcare, housing, education and culture
6. Ending all types of discrimination based on gender, origin, racialisation, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability etc.
7. Defence of democracy and the rule of law against neoliberalism and the far right
8. Stop the war in Ukraine: Cease fire – return to the negotiation table – withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine
9. Open the debate about a Collective Security architecture.