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Regarding the resolution of the Parti de Gauche to submit a motion on the expulsion of SYRIZA from the EL:

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Published on: 01.02.2018

To criticize SYRIZA’s governance in Greece is legitimate and opinions on that differ among the European Left as well. But the government policy of SYRIZA is to a great extent marked by the blackmailing of the troika and the German government. This includes measures as the restriction of the right to strike, of which I am very critical myself. Yet, these measures are imposed by the creditors.
At the same time one may not forget the extent, the degree of indebtedness and the fact that the Greek government was pretty much left alone within the EU. It is easy to give advice from outside when one is not responsible for the country and the whole population.
SYRIZA tries to make use of any leeway they can gain in favour of the poorest of society – as can be seen in the parallel programme which becomes more and more apparent. Their party manifesto shows that they are anchored politically within the democratic and socialist camp.
The strength of the EL is to organise itself in the broadest possible way, to allow any conflict, to promote debates, and not expulsions. Would this road be chosen the European Left would not fare better but clearly worse during European elections in 2019. I am relatively sure that a motion on repulsion would not succeed in the Council of Chairpersons of the EL.