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Never again war, never again fascism! For peace and disarmament! Commemorating the liberation from Fascism in Europe

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Published on: 08.05.2021

On May 8 and also May 9 (Day of Victory) we celebrate the liberation from fascism and the end of World War II. The commemoration of the liberation day is an important day to strongly reaffirm our commitment to antifascism and peace.

Today we remember not only how terrible the consequences of wars and violence are, but also that democracy, peace and freedom cannot be taken for granted, they have to yet be resolutely defended.

COVID-19 crisis is threatening democracies and fosters the emergence of the extreme right and its complete unsolidaristic rhetoric. We want to reaffirm today that social justice is the most effective answer to corner extremists and right-wing populists. The coronavirus emergency shows how is necessary today to put disarmament and peace back to the centre of policymaking. Military spending must be reduced considerably in favour of healthcare and meeting social needs. It is time for an initiative for a new policy of détente.

Today reminds us the importance to fight nationalism and racism for a more just world. Never again fascism! Never again war!

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left