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Violence against women is omnipresent: at the workplace, at home, in public and on the Internet. The report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published in March 2014 is based on research into direct violence and reveals the magnitude and scale of this kind of violence.

The Party of the European Left took part in the Festival of Syriza in debates with the social movements and the feminist movement


The Party of the European Left (EL) congratulates the feminist movement and all organization and parties of the European Left, especially the PCE and Izquierda Unida, on the victory obtained in its struggle, in the streets and in the institutions, to manage to stop the retrograde draft of abortion law by the Popular Party in Spain limiting the fundamental right o

Successful ending of the European campaign “Baton of Freedom”


¡Pásalo! Pass it!

Abortion out of the criminal code, free and safe throughout Europe

The right to abortion of women and the right to decide about maternity is  a fundamental right that must be exercised without interferences, conditions, tutelages, or penalizations.

The party of the European Left will participate in the “train of liberty”, an initiative of mobilization against the regressive and restrictive reform on abortion put through by the Popular Party in Spain.


One more year we denounce all violence against women, sexist male violence which seems to give us no respite in Europe and in the whole world.
A date like November 25th must lead us to vindicate our commitment to eliminate gender violence from Europe and the whole world.

Benalmádena, 11th-13th of May, 2012

The plenary meeting of women participating in the meeting, STATES its rejection regarding the neoliberal adjustment policies and the dismantling of the welfare state for the negative impact they entail for the lives of women.