Working groups

Working groups

Declaration of the coordinators committee of the Trade Unionists Network of the Party of the European Left - The coordinators committee of the Trade Unionists Network strongly supports the on going struggle of the working class and the peoples of Greece.

The delegation of the European Left has participated in the “System change, not climate change” demonstration that gathered 100,000 people on December 12th 2009 in Copenhagen in order to put pressure on the ruling classes. This demonstration expressed the popular demand for a strong agreement. It’s expressing the rise of the idea that climate justice should comprise more social justice and consider the point of view of the south countries that are the first victims of the global warming.

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Evo Morales has just been reelected as President of the multinational Republic of Bolivia for another term of five years. This is a historic victory for both the unprecedented massive turnout and the result: over 62%. This result is evidence of growing popular support and reveals the commitment of the Bolivian people to the democratic and cultural revolution under way in this Andean country.

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The EL working group on Latin America, congratulates the people of Uruguay, the Frente Amplio and its candidate José Mujica, now elected President of Uruguay. This victory strengthens the success of the dynamic achieved by the forces of the Left in Latin America for years.

Besides the economic, financial and social crisis, there is another crisis we are living – the ecological one. The EL highlights that the ecological crisis already has a dramatic impact today which can and most probably will assume a catastrophic dimension in the near future.

We want to warn against the consequences of the privatization and the liberalisation of services not only in the European Union but globally. Declaration of the 6th meeting of the trade unionists of the Party of the European Left, Berlin 21 November 2009

Non-binding agreements to worldwide climate protection in Copenhagen will mutate into a disaster for international climate policy. Europe must not get involved in foolish gambling of international climate policy. The planet needs legally binding agreements to reach the climate goals now.

The return to Honduras of President Juan Manuel Zelaya is the first victory for the Honduran popular movement, which has been bravely resisting for 3 months in face of an illegitimate government that does not hesitate in using violent and brutal repression, people abduction, murder and censorship to assure maintenance in power.

The Party of the European Left strongly condemns the putsch made by military troops on 28 June and resulting in the detention and forced expulsion of the Honduran constitutional President Zelaya, and the instauration of a dictatorship.

On the occasion of the military coup in Honduras the EL Latin America working group condemns the brutal coup perpetrated in Honduras by the army on demand of the oligarchy.