Forum of Sao Paulo and the Party of the European left were encountered in the XVII ° FSP meeting which took place in Managua, Nicaragua. On this occasion two regional forums reaffirmed their willingness to strengthen their relations and have discussed the possible forms of cooperation on common interest topics.

Since the bilateral meeting in Buenos Aires, the political context' has been marked by struggles and large mobilizations in Europe against the false solutions imposed by financial capital to face the crisis and the social rights that the right offensive has put in serious danger. 

Latin America is entering an electoral fights period with the possibility of achieving triumphs and progresses for the Latin American left. We welcome the victory of Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian left candidate, in the presidential election. 

The Sao Paulo Forum and the European Left Party highlight the success of their joint initiative organized in Madrid in last March on the Migrants rights. We also congratulate the accomplishment of a first meeting between PSF; ELP and the network of the African left which took place in Dakar during the world social Forum. 

We reaffirm our willingness to continue our collaboration and our joint cooperation and we have agreed the following points:

1 - to support the democratic processes of transformation that the Latin America peoples have assumed. We express our utmost solidarity with the forces of the left who are involved in new political and electoral fights. 

2 – To renew our commitment to the people’s rights for their own development strategies and their own forms of representative democracy with citizen’s participation. 

3 – To act for a liaison between the peoples of Latin America and Europe based on cooperation for development, new social, economic and cultural rights and in respect of the environment. We oppose the logics of domination proposed by the European Union to the Latin America countries trough the association agreements

4 - We express our opposition to neo-colonial policies, particularly in the Caribbean, and we affirm our commitment to the sovereignty and the self-determination of people. 

5 - Once more, we reaffirm our rejection of militarism, especially in Colombia and the Mesoamerican region.

6 - We declare our support and solidarity with the Latin American regional integration process and we welcome the progresses in the construction of the South America nations Union and for the constitution of the Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) community.    

7 - We condemn the military intervention in Libya, the realization of the "new strategic concept of NATO" adopted by this alliance at its Lisbon Summit, we call for the dissolution of this organization. We declare our solidarity with the Arab peoples fighting for their political and social rights. 

8 - We express our solidarity with the Honduran people, with the national Front of popular resistance, entering a new phase of its struggle. We jointly support its actions for the return of President Manuel Zelaya to his homeland.  

9. - We will continue to develop and strengthen our campaign against the embargo against Cuba and for the release of the Five. We reject the "Common Position" that the European Union insists to maintain in force and which prevents any relationship of respect and cooperation with Cuba. 

10 – To intensify efforts to develop the common work between the foundations, study centers and reviews related with the FSP, Transform network and EL parties. We will promote invitations and seminars with reciprocal participation. 

11 - We are committed to expand our working agenda including over topics such as the European Union -Latin America Summit which will take place in Santiago, Chile, during the first months of 2012 and the Conference Rio + 20 to be held in Brazil in may 2012. 

12 - We invite the FSP to participate in the EL Summer University which will take place between 12 th and 16 th July in Umbria, Italy


Managua, Nicaragua

  20th May 2011