Benalmádena, 11th-13th of May, 2012

The plenary meeting of women participating in the meeting, STATES its rejection regarding the neoliberal adjustment policies and the dismantling of the welfare state for the negative impact they entail for the lives of women.


  • That the measures against the crisis, having been adopted by the governments of different European countries, have had a very negative impact on the situation of inequality of women. A situation which already existed before the crisis, manifesting itself in a different pace and intensity, is depending on the socioeconomic of each country, and which involves the degradation of health as well as living and working conditions of women; especially of those who find themselves in the most vulnerable situation: responsible for single-parent families, young women, migrant women, ill women, victims of male chauvinist violence, old women… 
  • That cuts in essential public services such as education, health, housing, as well as in social services; they increase non-paid work of women and the loss of their employment, especially in working sectors which are highly and commonly attributed to women.
  • The abandonment of equality policies, especially those directed to eradicate gender violence, precisely in a moment where it is rising in an alarming manner.
  • That the educational achievements of women have not been translated into a higher presence in the following spaces: the work space as well as the economical and institutional ones, where the decisions are being made.
  • That the situation of European women in the labor market is characterized by: inferior working and employment rates compared to those of men; high amount part-time work and precariousness; an enormous salary gap; the “feminization” of the most precarious sectors and employments; a high rate of poverty; and a major difficulty of access to pensions of retirement.
  • That the share of responsibility of men in terms of domestic and care work are very low, in general as well as in the countries where these rates are not taking care of.
  • That the conservative “neo-male chauvinist” thinking, strengthened by the churches, consolidates and boosts the patriarchy, proclaiming the return of women to their houses, and a traditional family model, in which the role of women as mother and wife are reinforced.
  • The decline of civil rights of women, lesbians and transsexuals.
  • The discrimination, the violence and the lack of rights that trouble migrant women in a situation of the highest vulnerability, as a consequence of racist European migration policies.
  • The increase of prostitution and trafficking of women and young girls during the crisis, which is reaching disgraceful dimensions.

 It’s time we highlight, that women constitute a dynamic factor in the resistance and in the fight against the injustice and unequal adjustment policies, in the framework of the global and international crisis.

·        Defense of universal public services, free and of quality, guarantees of equality and social justice.
·        Defense of salary equality and the fight for stable employment, of quality and with rights for all the women.
·        Maintaining and improving the public systems of social security and of pensions.
·        Working for awareness raising measures regarding gender inequality in order to change the collective awareness, through information, sensitization and feminist education, and for women’s empowerment.
·        In favor of co-education in order to change the stereotypes and gender roles.
·        Demanding the share of responsibility, with regards to the working as well as personal life, as a social necessity which has to be taken on in conditions of equality for men and women, and demand that the countries guaranty means in order to carry out a real conciliation, in more democratic companies and working centers.
·        Reclaiming equal and nontransferable paid leave after child birth and adoption of boys and girls, for parents, regardless of their sex.
·        Against the market economy, we reclaim an anti-capitalist economy respectful with the environment, which focuses on social justice, equality and sustainability of life; which stands for a new organization and distribution of all types of work: paid and non-paid, and which makes non-paid work visible in all types of economic indicators for its revaluation.
·        Defense of sexual and reproductive rights for all women, guaranteed by the States.
·        Impulse in the heart of the feminist movement in its fight for a higher presence of women in the decision making organs in political parties of the left, in trade union organizations and in public organizations.
·        To take up the ideas present in this resolution draft proposal for its debate in the women’s organizations and in the parties of the EL.
·        To organize events in every country in order to present the European campaign “Citizen´s Initiative” of the EL, from a feminist perspective, utilizing a visual accompaniment which supports the aforementioned campaign.