Maite Mola: “The struggle of the feminist movement is fundamental in order advance”

Maite Mola: “The struggle of the feminist movement is fundamental in order advance”

The Party of the European Left took part in the Festival of Syriza in debates with the social movements and the feminist movement


The Party of the European Left, through its Vice President Maite Mola, among others, participated in the Festival of the youth of Syriza which was held in Athens from 2 to 5 October. It did so by taking part in two debates, one with the European social movements, on Friday night, and another other one with the feminist movement, on Saturday.


In the colloquium with the feminist movement, Maite Mola spoke of women struggles, their victories, their situation in Europe and also about the threats which are continuously launched by the economic and political powers, such as the recent statements made by the President of the Circle of Entrepreneurs in Spain that says publicly that it is better not to hire women over 25 years in case they become pregnant.


The vice-president of the EL congratulated and supported the struggle of the 595 cleaners of the Greek Ministry of Finance that have been demonstrating in the streets since last Autumn in defence of their job and that "have managed to come together to fight the power".


She also celebrated "the triumph” of achieving the withdrawal of the "backward and absurd" project of the abortion law by the Spanish right wing government. We have stopped something that seemed impossible "since the law could have been approved last September as the Government of the Popular Party has absolute majority in the Chamber to have done it. Mola attributed this victory not only to the struggle of the Spanish women but to all the important mobilizations carried out in Greece, Italy, Austria and a long list of European countries, in which the EL has been very involved with their campaign "the baton of freedom". The Vice President explained that in these mobilizations there something more than solidarity as "all you run the same risk we had".


As a veteran feminist militant, Maite Mola qualified  the struggle of the feminist movement as “fundamental to advance", since the parties have never given anything to the women. "We, as leftist militants, had to work for it from inside of our parties”. She added that the fact that the left wins positions does not guarantee anything, and because of that "we must continue the fight to ensure that these advances will be consolidated".


She also recalled that the crisis affects women especially, “not only in the South, but also to the North, as is clearly shown in all the figures of poverty, insecurity, unemployment, and gender income gap”, hence the value to continue fighting together.