Greece and France, two situations requesting European peoples' solidarity

Greece and France, two situations requesting European peoples' solidarity

The commitment of support for Syriza in the Greek elections of January 25 has marked the meeting of EL Council of Chairpersons held yesterday, as well as the Executive Board of this weekend in Berlin.

Concrete proposals emerged of the debate:

- diffusion and explanation of the “real” program of Syriza to fight all the lies that have been counted.

- defence of the position of Syriza on the restructuration of the debt

- mobilizations to defend the freedom of the Greek people to decide their future

The Ex-Board emphasized the need to be ready to support, from all the countries, a government which will be facing the neoliberalism and the troika, and that will be attacked all over the world.

The EL will prepare a common visible action, the same day in the all Europe to show the situation in Greece is a European issue and all the peoples of Europe are concerned.

Another topic present in all interventions was that of the attempt against Charlie Hebdo newspaper.  The EL approved a solidarity statement with the French people, and against attacks to “the democracy, the freedom of press and the right to caricature".

"We have trust in the French society to be able to prevent falling into the trap of hate and division, thanks to the values of the Republic: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. Fighting the obscurantism requires a powerful gathering against all forms of racism and for the defence of the freedom of speech” the Chairpersons said.

The Ex-Board advanced in the agenda for this year that was approved in the last Ex-Board held in Athens in November: the Forum of Alternatives in Paris on May 30 and 31; the Southern Europe Forum for a social exit of the crisis, in Barcelona on January 23, 24; the meeting of the Parlacon in Autumn; the campaign to defeat the TTIP; and the campaign for the labour rights of women.

In this occasion the Ex Board had three guest: Yannis Milos, responsible of the economic program of Syriza, who explained the main axes or their proposals, including the restructuration of the debt; Alberto Garzón, who is the favourite candidate to go for the Presidency of the government for IU in next Spanish elections in November, who explained the situation in Spain facing the next local and general elections this year; and representatives of the United Left Coalition of Slovenia (the EL will sign before the end of the month, a partnership agreement with this new political force).