The European Left has taken to the streets in support of Greece, for a changing Europe

The European Left has taken to the streets in support of Greece, for a changing Europe



Thousands of citizens in Athens, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, Vienna, Madrid, London and many other cities in Europe, and in the United States as well, have taken to the streets in solidarity with the Greek people, living a humanitarian crisis, who three weeks ago voted to put an end to the austerity policies imposed by the Troika.

The Party of the European Left (EL) called for a European week of mobilization from 11 to 17 February, in one of the key moments of the negotiations to restructuring the Greek debt, in order to show the popular pressure against the decision reached by the Eurogroup. It is a question of solidarity but also a vindication of the rules changing imposed by the European Central Bank and the Troika.

On Sunday 14 February, during a demonstration held in Paris, the president of the EL, Pierre Laurent, stated that instead of raising ultimatum, what the European Commission has to do is to negotiate with the Greek government.

On her side, the vice-president of the EL, Maite Mola, who has participated in all the mobilizations carried out in Brussels, insisted that we must respect the sovereignty of peoples when they vote, adding that "the left has to work together having as common goal the end of the predatory capitalism and the solution should be European".

In Italy more than 20,000 people were convened by the Italian left and the trade union CGIL.

The support campaign continues today, after the yesterday’s ultimatum of the Eurogroup. Pierre Laurent, along with Maite Mola and the president of Die Linke, Bernd Riexinger, will give a press conference in Berlin in which they will reinforce the support to the first European government that faces the ultra-neoliberal politics of the Troika.

The more populated demonstrations of the last week were carried out in Greece indeed, where, according to the surveys published by the press, 78% of Greeks have supported their governments and how it is dealing with Brussels against austerity policies. Moreover, according to polls, if elections were repeated today Syriza would win with a 45.4% of the votes getting the majority with 186 members, out of the 300 of the Hellenic Parliament.