EL-President on talks with ECHR-President in Strasbourg

EL-President on talks with ECHR-President in Strasbourg

EU needs to enter human rights convention as a whole


The President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, met in Strasbourg today with the President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Guido Raimondi, for political talks.


Both stressed that political power, even if by a majority, needs to be controlled if human rights and democracy are to be secured. They spoke about ways to implement decisions of the Court in case member states of the Council of Europe would not conform to them.


The President of the Court and Gregor Gysi mutually regretted that the European Union did not yet enter the Human Rights Convention as a whole. If this would be the case, it would also be easier for the Court to secure human rights. Nonetheless, Raimondi assessed, the Court is able to pursue the goal of implementing human rights.


Gregor Gysi remarked, he considers it a flaw that there is no chance to claim social basic rights before the other European court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, giving it the somewhat partial reputation of a kind of competition court.


President Raimondi hinted at the good cooperation with the ECJ in Luxembourg and reminded of the important decision of the Court for Human Rights after which certain social preconditions need to be given to warrant human rights. Gregor Gysi welcomed this decision and said it would be better yet if social rights – quite independently of human rights questions – would be suable not only nationally but also before the ECJ.


Gregor Gysi

President of the Party of the European Left (EL)