Education represents a universal right (EL-Education Working Group)

Education represents a universal right (EL-Education Working Group)

EL Working Group on Education presents past work as well as its programme proposals for the upcoming months


Today, more than ever, the school systems, since infancy until university and professional education, are determined by the logic prescribed by neo-liberalism.

Today, more than ever, education has consequences on men and women's social situation and on hierarchical and patriarchal structure of society, in the way of thinking and accepting the rules of life and work.

The school pushes to individualism, to competition, to the idea we are responsible for our own achievements.

Consequently, it becomes scandalously natural to think only of oneself.

The Education Group is involved in the analysis of the school systems in Europe.

It emphasizes the consequences prescribed by the school policy of today at all levels the relation between public school and private school, the financing and educational systems from private societies, school surrender.


SYMPOSIUMS (past and future)

Prague – 13 - 14 March 2015

Education seen through women's eyes

(about to be prepared)


Madrid –  31 January -  1 February 2014

University, research and sciences in Europe: resistances and alternatives

in «University, research and democracy»

organized by Transform! Europe, Espaces Marx, Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos, Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas, Fundacio l’Alternativa


Barcelona – 4 October 2013

School and society – for a full development of personality.

in «Repensar – construint pensament critic»

organized by EUiA, Fundacio Alternativa, ELP


Milano, 9 November 2012

La scuola in Europa. Da Maastricht a Bologna: il percorso neoliberista.

in «Non alla distruzione della scuola. Non solo resistere ma costruire proposte alternative»

organized by PRC, Milano



Vienna – 19 and 20 October 2012

Education in Europe. Historical Glimpse and conditions nowadays.

in “Education for an interdependent society”

organized by KPÖ, liliKSV, Transform, ELP


Barcelona – 6 October 2012

Public education in danger  - Distraint of the market on school and on other public services

in «L’Europa de les desigualitats»

organised by EUiA, Fundacio Alternativa, ELP, Transform! Europe, Espace Marx, Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos, Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas, Fundacio l’Alternativa


Barcelona – 10 June 2011

Europeanization of educational systems

in «Public services»

organized by Fundacio Alternativa, ELP



2013 Congress

For a public, secular, free school accessible for everyone



Universal right to public education

ELP Programmatic platform – 2013 Congres


Mainmise des marchés sur l’Ecole: l’Education publique en danger – Sonja Crivelli

dans: «La lettre du réseau n°64» février 2014- Réseau PCF –



Report 2011 – 2013

November 2013

Report on work and political analysis



December 2014 – January 2015

Questionnaire to the parties.

Data collection about budget cuts in education, working conditions and relation public-private.