COP21: We must increase the public pressure

COP21: We must increase the public pressure

Statement of the Party of the European Left (EL) about the COP21 negotiations

The decision taken by eleven European countries to reject once more the implementation of the Tobin Tax, the tax on financial transactions (FTT), is a very bad blow against the COP 21.

The European liberal forces rejoice: their speculative capital remains protected. While it was possible to give a strong impulse in the reduction of inequality, in another redistribution of the wealth on a global scale and in the solidarity with the countries of the South, the global finance refuses to take part in the world effort to fight against the climate change.

As the EL has always said, the fight against climate warming and the fight against the global neoliberal economic system are inseparable.

So far, states retain their negotiations in opacity. We know the oil states and the American multinationals in the sector, allied to the conservative climate-skeptics of the American Senate, block all binding objective in the text. On the other hand, the priority to register the developments of the greenhouse effect gas emissions is no longer on the agenda.

In fact, in this phase, the increase of the temperature of the planet in 2050 will be by 3°C. They are imposing an unbearable world on us.

The peoples of the world have declared a climate state of emergency. In the next hours, from now to the conclusions of the COP 21, their voice must increase and their alliance in Europe must become an unavoidable force to preserve the climate by changing the system. It is with them that we want to act, now and always. On Saturday, December 12 we will be alongside civil society saying in unison: "We will have the last word!”


Party of the European Left

December 10th, 2015