8 March 2017, the EL supports the call for the international women's strike

8 March 2017, the EL supports the call for the international women's strike

The Party of the European Left deems that it is very important that the political and social space we are building in Europe against the neo-liberal policies of the European People's Party and Social Democracy forces, is being crossed, shaken and oriented by the women's movement.

The Party of the European Left emphasizes the weight and the thickness of the new policies that are advancing: another season of feminism, from the squares of Argentina to the streets of Europe, where Polish women and Spanish women demand the freedom to decide on their bodies ("YO decido"), where the language, practices and objectives of feminism at the end of the 20th century blend with the explosive force of action and the wishes of the new generations of women and anti-neoliberal movement activists.

In Italy, with the appeal of "NonUnaDiMeno" ("NiUnaMenos", " PasUneDeMoins "), last November a large women's demonstration invaded Rome against the austerity policy of Renzi and the EU diktat, for a society without gender discrimination, without oppression, exploitation and precariousness.

The next goal is to transform the day of March 8 into a women's strike in social production and reproduction, to fight men's violence against women, the precariousness of work and life, the destruction of the "Welfare-state ", security policies against migrant women, the attack on self-determination. It is a politically high-profile initiative because it considers women not only as the recipients of rights that the crisis waged by neo-liberal policies destroys, but also as the bearers of their own subjectivity, of another world view, of economy, of relations.

The Party of the European Left believes that for the fight against neoliberalism to be effective, it is necessary to break the patriarchal devices that feed it. That is why it claims to be feminist. It thus adheres to the day strike of March 8, propagating its objectives, contents and methods, to help its success and its diffusion in the European space.

Party of the European Left