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The European Commission’s proposal to suspend the structural and investment funds for Portugal and Spain was debated this week in the European Parliament, in a joint meeting of parliamentary committees of Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and Regional Development (REGI) and the with the presence of European commissioners Jyrki Katainen and Corina Crețu in representation of the European Commission.

The 1st European Forum for Alternatives will be held in Paris, Place de la Republique, on May the 30 and 31.

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This is the time to end Austerity and Inequality! It's time for Democracy and Solidarity!
Time to change Europe!


The struggle for change in Europe has begun.


The overthrow of the Greek memorandum government is an important step that will be completed on January 25th, 2015 by  the imminent grand electoral victory of SYRIZA.


Since being elected as President of Tanzania in 2015, John Pombe Magufuli and his government impede the solving of crimes of which state officials are suspected to be perpetrators or at least involved. Currently, opposition politician Zitto Kabwe is in police custody accused of incitement of the masses.

The European left party is deeply concerned about the situation in the Baltics after a Spanish Eurofighter/Typhoon "accidentally" fired an AMRAAM missile last night, that might have reached Russian territory. The Eurofighter was part of the NATO air policing over the Baltics. 
We are shocked that a Eurofighter 'accidentally' fired an air-to-air missile that carried deadly explosives on the highly sensitive NATO border.

Stop the wars and not the refugees!

Declaration of the International Meeting Against Foreign Military Bases
June 29th, 2018, Kaiserslautern Germany

Participants from Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, South Korea, Spain, Italy, USA, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland agree to the following


The Congress of the Democratic Party of the People (HDP) took place on Sunday the 11th of February 2018 in Ankara (Turkey).

The Party of the European Left (EL) was represented by its Vice-President Pierre Laurent.


  • Proposal for a second European Forum in Spain (9-11 November 2018)
  • Presentation of the conclusions of the Marseille European Forum to MEPs, Brussels