Welcome to four new Members!

Welcome to four new Members!

Hosted by the Swiss Labour Party, the Executive Board of the Party of the European Left (EL) met in the Rousseau’s City of Geneva for its regular working meeting this weekend.

The aspects of the current development of the European Union, the ongoing financial and economic crisis, with its profoundly negative aspects for all people living in Europe, were subjects under discussion.

In the sequence of the meeting, the EL reaffirms its willingness to act together and in solidarity with the movements and the forces of civil society, in order to achieve concrete proposals towards a socially fair, peaceful and ecological Europe.

The Executive Board of the European Left also drafted the EL working schedule for 2010 and convened its 3rd congress for December next year, which will settle the political path of the Party for the next years.

In the aftermath of the meeting, the EL became a stronger party: in total, five new parties joined the political struggle of the European Left. These are: the Left Alliance from Finland, the Communist Party of Finland, the Workers Party 2006 from Hungary, the New Cyprus Party and the oppositional Party of the Belorussian Communists. In the case of the Communist Party of Finland, it changed from observer to full member. The New Cyprus Party became observer.
Please find adopted documents here:
Global crisis and upheavals in the geopolitical equilibrium Republic of Moldova follows an undemocratic path Resolution on the Cyprus Problem