Pierre Laurent: "Time has come for the convergence against the financial forces”

Pierre Laurent: "Time has come for the convergence against the financial forces”

President of the Party of the European Left (EL), has focused in his speech on the sidelines of  the I Forum of the South of, on “the urgency of re-founding Europe economically, ecologically, socially and democratically Europe.” A Europe that “has already gone through five years of democratic and social glaciation in which the continent has been unshaped with an extreme suffering across Europe". But against that "continent of fracture in which we live, there are forces that are building up and want to trigger a positive dynamic to rebuild Europe.  2015 can be the year of the embodiment of those forces".

"2015 is a decisive year; the year of change". Said Pierre Laurent, a change that is about to begin with the victory of Syriza in Greece "a victory which will have a huge impact throughout Europe because. For the first time since the crisis, it will force all European Governments to discuss an alternative to austerity".

A proof that changes have already started was given by the European Central Bank (ECB), underlined the President of the French Communist Party (PCF). The same BCE, which refused to inject liquidity and precipitated the crisis “changes now direction because it is in a blind alley”. Laurent warned that now it is necessary to expand the battle to prevent that this money goes to the financial accumulation.

The President of the EL, who participated in the panel, devoted to "social and environmental politics, gender and class inequality, public services and basis resources, ecology and climate change", applauded the celebration of this Forum of the South of Europe because it provides a point of reference in the convergence of forces to work for the re-foundation of Europe.

At this point, he announced the Forum of the Alternatives, which will be held in May in Paris, with the aim of expanding this movement of political convergence: "Left and green movements have different traditions but it they share the same convergence against the financial forces. We must extend this effort of convergence".  

The senator and leader of the PCF also spoke about the reaction of the French people to the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, saying that it has been the most popular one since the Liberation of France in 1945. The four million people, who took to the streets, did so "to defend the Republican values of equality, freedom and fraternity. It was a silent cry for peace and co-existence in France, in the Mediterranean and in Europe". "It was a NO to war", said FCP warning "that now what we need to know is if the rulers will work in favor of the peoples´ demand or they will sink into the logic of war".

On the eve of the Greek elections, the leader of the EL stressed the political need for the success of Syriza Government, "something that will be realized in the upcoming months", reiterating that the EL policy is to encourage projects of political democracy.

In this panel, moderated by the MEP of ICV-EUiA, Ernest Urtasun, intervened, among others, Lujeris Konstantinos and Karima Delli, along with more than a dozen of representatives of social movements, platforms, trade unions and the left and green European parties. there was a also a wide participation at the  previous panel of the morning, the one devoted to "democracy, human rights and immigration, xenophobia, the TTIP, housing and social exclusion", moderated by Natassa Theodorakoupoulou, Member of the Central Committee of SYRIZA and member of the Secretariat of the EL. Joan Josep Nuet, Rosa Martinez and Maria Karamesini have also intervened in the panel.

The two-day conference concluded with the reading of the Declaration of Barcelona, a commitment with clear and concise targets to work jointly against the European neoliberal politics.