23 July 2016

EL Summer University kicks-off with a debate about Europe after Brexit

The opening session of the 11th Summer University of the Party of the European Left (EL) took place the past 20th of July in Tuscany, with more than 260 participants from 31 countries. During the four days, Chianciano Terme is the place where the European Left discusses and analyses the latest events, politically, economically and socially, few months before its fourth Congress taking place at the end of the year in Berlin.

19 July 2016

No military coup in Turkey and no civilian coup either

The European Left sharply condemns the attempt of a military coup d’etat in Turkey. This is no way to establish democracy and no way to secure human rights.
At the same time we are very clear in our condemnation of the current arbitrary reprisals against real or presumed enemies of the Erdogan government. The perpetrators of the military coup have to face the judicial consequences of their deeds but the imprisonment of thousands of people on the flimsiest of pretexts is in contravention of the rule of law and creates new divisions in an already fragmented society.

15 July 2016

EL proposes an international platform to demand accountability to the “Azores trio” for the Iraq war

The Party of the European Left supports the reactivation of the “Platform Trial to Aznar" after the appearance of new evidence related to the Iraq war, at the same time we propose to give an international dimension to that platform due to the huge consequences produced by the war, not only in Iraq but in the whole region, the impact in the displacement of thousands of people and the justification of the emergence of terrorism from the self-proclaimed Islamic State or Daesh.


15 July 2016

European Left expresses its deep sorrow for the victims of Nice

The Party of the European Left declares its solidarity with the friends and families of the more than 80 people killed in the incomprehensible attack that happened this 14th of July in Nice. On its national day, France witnesses another violent attack despite all its anti-terrorist security measures.


14 July 2016

The EL prepares to go on the offensive in its 5th Congress

The Party of the European Left (EL) prepares for its 5th Congress, a Congress that will start a new stage in the European party, said its President Pierre Laurent, on July 1st in Paris, at the Council of Chairperson of the parties which compose the EL.