24 April 2014

European Left poised to take third place in European Elections

Poll results across Europe show a particularly encouraging rise in the popularity of the Left. According to some estimates, the European Parliamentary Group of the Left (GUE-NGL), is expected to increase its number of MEP’s from 35 to at least 60 in the upcoming Parliamentary elections this May.

24 April 2014

People of Portugal will prevail again and change Europe

In April 1974 a coup carried out by left-leaning army officers led the way to democracy in Portugal. The coup on April 25, was led by soldiers in tanks and joined by a popular resistance movement. Nowadays austerity measures are threatening the welfare state, healthcare, education, pensions, labour and all the social achievements accomplished 40 years ago.

10 April 2014

The Party of the European Left debates in Brussels alternatives to debt and austerity

Throughout the whole day economists, sociologists, trade unionists, politicians of the Party of the European Left (EL) and members of social movements of over 20 different countries analyse the causes and consequences of the policy of austerity and the pressure that the payment of debt is causing on the peoples of Europe. The president of the EL, Pierre Laurent, called this big event "an act of democratic construction" which will open an alternative debate with real solutions. He talked about how to face the debt problem in Europe and "how restructuring it to lighten it".

10 April 2014

April 10: A conference on alternatives to debt and austerity

"Together we can put an end to debt and austerity problems in Europe" is the title of the conference that will be held by the Party of the European Left (EL) and Transform! Europe, its political foundation, on April 10, 2014 in Brussels.

31 March 2014

Increase of the HDP in the local elections in Turkey

Despite the polarization that existed between the ruling party AKP and the opposition CHP in the local elections, the lists of the left Kurdish BDP, which together with allied forces set up the HDP, gathered an estimated result of more than 7%.

The Party of the European Left (EL) congratulates the BDP-HDP for the increase of their lists in the Kurdish areas where the alliance managed to elect the majority of the mayors.