Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

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Press Statement
European Left

On the results of the fifth meeting of the member states of the African Union and the European Union, Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, declares:

The European Union has wasted the opportunity to seriously and effectively develop perspectives with the African continent, which would in particular enable young people to permanently and sustainably find a future in their homeland. This would have required a fundamental departure from the selfish EU trade and agricultural policy, which does not meet the weaker neighbours in the South at eye level.
As long as the so-called economic agreements - which provide Africa with duty-free access to the EU market - contain the condition that 80 percent of all EU goods have to be imported free of duty to Africa, the reasons of flight are not tackled; they are being created because African economy cannot develop under these conditions. A Marshall plan for Africa must be developed considering the interests and needs of Africa; not out of the perspective of European economic interests.
The fact that the most concrete agreements that have been discussed in Abidjan are dedicated to the closure of refugee routes speaks volumes. For this, the European Union is not ashamed to reach agreements with inhumane regimes such as Eritrea, Chad, or Libya where refugees are threatened by internment, torture and even the path to slavery. If then financial aid is being chained to this, this is nothing but a clear step backwards to 'neo-colonial behavior'. There is a lot of talking about legal possibilities to get to Europe but almost nothing is done.
Thus, the European Union disposes of its humanitarian responsibility and moral obligation, failing to realize that the social question due to global connectedness can no longer be answered on a national level but has become one of humanity.

Note: Solidarity #isnotacrime - For a Europe of solidarity and peace, based on acceptance and freedom of movement, the European Left organizes along with the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista and Transform Europa on 15 &16 of December 2017, two days of confrontation and debate on current governance and European politics in Catania with activists, NGOs and left-wing forces. There will also be a demonstration in front of Frontex headquarters on Saturday, December 16th.