Press release - Gregor Gysi

Press release - Gregor Gysi

Press release

25th of June 2017

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left (EL):

From Friday, June 23th until Sunday, June 25th, there was a meeting of the Political Secretariat, the Council of Chairpersons, the Executive Board and the General Assembly of the EL.

Among others, there was an evaluation of the elections in France and Great Britain. The success of the movement around Jean Luc Melenchon at the presidential elections and the results of the parliamentary elections afterwards show that the left can be more successful again with a concrete programme and a movement around a party. It was welcomed unanimously that Le Pen did not become president of France. Now it is essential to prevent president Macron from implementation of his neoliberal programme, from further social cuts. These social cuts are not only injust, but they have also contributed to the push towards the right in many countries. This also applies to Germany concerning the effects of the Agenda 2010 and the election results of the AfD.

In addition, there was an unanimous appreciation of the election results of the Labour-Party with Jeremy Corbyn. It proves that - contrary to many thoughts and discussions in other Social Democratic parties - that the Social Democrats can only be successful with a clearly left programme.

The European Left was strengthened as Sinistra Italiana received the status of an observer following their application, and will participate in the European Left in the future. Sinistra Italiana currently has 13 deputies in the parliament and 7 senators.

Also, there was an unanimous appreciation that the party "Initiative for Democratic Socialism" (IDS) and the "Party for Sustainable Development of Slovenia" (TRS) from Slovenia, which are both of members of the European Left, have united on a party congress this weekend.

For the first time, a delegation of the Spanish party and movement Podemos visited the meeting following an invitation.